Aug 232015

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Welcome to the Society of Edmonton Atheists’ blog. If this is your first time visiting, click “Continue Reading” to get a quick summary of what’s here.

The Alberta Secular Conference, sponsored by the SEA, will be in Red Deer October 17 & 18 with the theme of “None of the Above”, for people who don’t fit in the usual religious categories. Your membership in the SEA gets you a discounted ticket.

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Aug 302015

The Society of Edmonton Atheists are pleased to sponsor Alberta’s first secular conference featuring some amazing guest speakers and inspiring presentations!  Come join us in Red Deer the weekend of October 17th and 18th.

AB Secular, celeb speakers
International guests include Nathan Phelps (son of Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church), Matt Dillahunty (Atheist Experience),  Ali. A Rizvi (author ”The Atheist Muslim”), Sarah Morehead (Recovering from Religion, Apostacon) and Shelley Segal (singer/songwriter ”An Atheist Album”)

Local guests include Kathy Dawson (AIM), Bradley Peters (Dying with Dignity), Rob Breakenridge (radio personality), Luke Fevin (APUPIL), Lynne Honey (Grant MacEwan Prof) and Greg Hart (Critical thinking skills) .
AB secular, local guests

BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!   Society of Edmonton Atheists members receive a discounted rate!

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Aug 092015

With many members out of town (and other various reasons) book club will be cancelled for this evening.

We will discuss the entire book at the meeting on August 23rd instead.   It’s a short book, just over 200 pages, so if you want to join us there is still plenty of time to source a copy and read it before the 23rd.    Hope to see you then!


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Jun 162015

Don’t forget, our summer solstice party is this weekend at Coronation Park!
Annual Summer Soltice Party! June 21st, 2pm – 6pm


Where: The location is the RED canopy (Site #1) at Coronation Park (between Westmount Mall and Telus World of Science). Click here for a map. Parking is by the community hall on the north end of the park, however, you can drive around the loop and drop things off at the picnic site.

When: Sunday, June 21, starting a 2pm, and continuing until  6pm. We have a canopy, so this will be rain or shine.

What: Since this a potluck, picnic, fun social time, and all that good stuff, here’s what you should bring:

  • Hat, sunscreen, bug spray and other weather-appropriate summer items
  • Food: bring about as much food and non-alcoholic beverages as you think you (or you and your family) will eat over a course of a few hours. Salads, snacks, dips, desserts, and cold casseroles, and other typical potluck foods are great. Don’t worry too much about whether there will be duplicate dishes, we’ve never had a problem yet.
  • BBQ: There are wood BBQs and fire pits, so feel free to bring your own meat or veggies to cook up. Please remember to bring fire-safe utensils for cooking it.
  • Games: bubbles, balls, croquet, kites, whatever you think would be fun.

The SEA will provide disposable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins for everyone, although you can bring your own if you really want. We’ll also have a scavenger hunt for the younger kids, like last year.   Two coolers with ice have been arranged; one for perishables, and one for drinks.   We are still looking for someone to bring firewood, kindling and lighters and will be in need of help when the kids do the scavenger hunt.


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Jun 142015

The Society of Edmonton Atheists are pleased to sponsor the AB Secular Conference!

ASC SEA logo
The Alberta Secular Conference will be the first event of its kind in our province, and we are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and skeptics while providing an educational weekend that will inspire and inform.

The theme for this first conference is ‘’None Of The Above’’, and will deal with issues faced by anyone who doesn’t fit into a religious category in Alberta.   We have some celebrated guest speakers flying in from around North America as well as local guests to speak about issues that affect us here in Alberta.

Join us for this two day conference at Red Deer College, October 17th and 18th…the event is sure to inform, inspire and entertain!

Guest speakers are listed on their website and tickets are available on eventbrite now!   Please note there is a discounted rate for members of The Society of Edmonton Atheists (you will be required to show your membership card at registration).   You can sign up to be a member of SEA on our membership tab or at any event where a board member is present.

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Jun 112015

Highway cleanup is this weekend Saturday and Sunday morning, unless it rains, then we will postpone.   We meet at 9am and go for a few hours, please make sure you dress for the weather and we would advise AGAINST sandals or shorts/capri pants as the grass gets pretty long and dirty.    Please also be advised that Alberta Transport requires volunteers for the highway cleanup to be at least 9 years of age.

Our section of the QE II is the east side of the road, just north of Highway 625.

Meeting Location:
South end of the Sparrow Drive Service Road in Nisku at the cul-de-sac just south of the Blackjacks Roadhouse.
GPS: 53.338802,-113.544435

SEA will supply:
Safety vests (but please bring one if you have one)
Garbage Bags

Volunteers should bring:
Ski pole, or stick with nail on end to pick up garbage
Sunscreen/hat/sunglasses – be prepared for the weather
Bug spray
Work gloves (latex gloves are not suitable)

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Jun 102015

We’ve had lots of people asking why we went to this event to stand outside with our homemade signs…even other atheists are questioning our motives here.  So, I wanted to make it clear why we went and what exactly the signs and information we gave out said.

Firstly, psychic mediumship is big business.    We’re taking $100’s of dollars per session that might last an hour, and then you often are asked to return to have a curse removed or past sins cleansed.  Unfortunately, what should be seen as mere entertainment has been known to eat into life savings and in extreme cases nearly cost the person their house.   One can see how it would be easy to fall victim to these mediums, hoping to speak to your loved one from beyond the grave, especially if you have just had someone in your life pass on.  Bear in mind though,  there is no current evidence to support an afterlife, and no evidence to show that someone could connect with one if there was.   James Randi offers a million dollar prize to anyone that can ”demonstrate any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability under satisfactory observation.”   This prize has been available, albeit in a smaller amount to start with, since 1964, and there have been multiple people try to win, but it still remains unclaimed.
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May 302015

Once again, we will be marching in the parade and have a booth afterwards. The festivities are on and around Whyte Ave this year, not downtown like previous years.

We are looking for volunteers to help with the parade and the booth. SIGN UP TO HELP WITH THE BOOTH.

11032564_10155466884640277_1944710986656681347_oIn the rest of this post: Getting There | Parade | Booth | Code of Conduct.

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May 212015

Recently the debate over the Lord’s Prayer in Taber schools has been heating up again, and a lady named Glenda was interviewed for the Lethbridge Herald.   We would like to make it abundantly clear that the Society of Edmonton Atheists is neither pursuing legal action nor are we directly involved with the Dr Hammans equality group as the article leads readers to believe.  While a great many of our members support the removal of religion from the school system in Alberta, this is not something that the SEA is directly advocating at present.

If you have any further questions regarding our stance on this issue you can contact us at

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