Mar 142011

Society of Edmonton Atheists would like to express its deepest sympathies and concern for the people of Japan affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami. Please consider donating to aid organizations to assist those suffering in Japan and other places in the world. Some secular options are:

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Morinville Alberta gets dishonorable mention on

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Mar 142011

By Danaiel Mallett

Alberta has garnered attention on thanks to the lack of separation of church and state in our province when it comes to education: The situation in Morinville has been getting a lot of press across Canada, for example: I want to commend Donna Hunter for doing the right thing.  As she said, it would be easier to move to another town, but that would be saying that what the Catholics are doing is ok. Notice how the Catholic board, even though they are in violation of the human rights of the Hunter family, do not want to hand over control of even a single school of the 4 they control in Morinville.  They are so use to the cozy collusion between church and state that gives them tax dollars they can use to indoctrinate children with.  Albertans should be ashamed that we are paying the bill that makes it possible for a 7 year old boy to come home from school worried about going to hell. When is Alberta going to wake up to the harm we are doing by having discriminatory education system? It is a disgrace and a shame that in the year 2011 someone in Canada has to fight for a secular education for their children.


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