Mar 222011

By Daniel Mallett

It cannot be denied that the high rates of child rape by Catholic priests directly relate to the Church’s faith and morals. Beliefs inform actions. When you believe that homosexuality is a sin and just as bad as raping innocent children — you get these kind of consequences. The true prevalence of this horrific act will never truly be known; but until the Catholic Church takes care of the root causes of this evil it is doomed to continue. The church has no right to accuse anyone of immorality or anti-Catholicism as long as this scapegoating and denial continues. What frustrates me to no end are those educated Catholics who continue to support this institution and thus condone the abuse. I could understand to some degree how they might cherish their beliefs but surely they could practice them elsewhere. I cannot understand how any person of good conscience who is aware of these facts could put even a penny into the collection plate of a Catholic Church. Religion is evil because it makes true morality impossible – otherwise decent individuals are blinded by dogma to see how their beliefs influence and harm even the weakest members of society — our children.

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