Apr 252011

So this weekend the collective “we” celebrate Easter.  It is important to note that the roots of Easter go back to ancient anglo-saxon pagan practises. Rabbits are a symbol of fertility.  It is no coincidence that as the vernal equinox brings fertility to the earth (at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere) we celebrate a holiday of new life and fertility. Easter has pagan roots, although the exact details are uncertain.  It may have been the case that the entire month of April was devoted to the anglo-saxon goddess Eostre: Eggs are a symbol of rebirth.   The use of eggs may also stem from the fact that many Catholics abstained from eggs during Easter.  Also, the Zoroastrians celebrated their new year at the Spring equinox by painting eggs. The point is that don’t buy any nonsense about Easter being a “Christian” holiday.  Enjoy the time with friends and family.  Eat some chocolate bunny’s ear off and watch the snow melt.  And hey, if you’re looking to spend time with someone, call up an Atheist — they’re probably not busy!

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