May 032011

This could also be filed under “what’s the harm?” as in why are you so against religion, what’s the harm?  Many people are wondering how it is possible that the C’s won a majority.  Well, here is part of the answer. They have an automatic vote from 65% of religious believers.  from

Among Catholics who go to Mass weekly, the Conservatives had 59% of voter intentions, while the Liberals were at 31%. Among Catholics who don’t go to Mass weekly, the lead was 50% to 26% for the Conservatives. Weekly churchgoers were 65% Conservative, and 18% Liberal.

In the United States, the number-one predictor of voting behaviour is religious practice.

I suspect the same effect holds true in Canada.  Religious belief, which many people claim as the most important thing in their life, matters.  Our beliefs inform our actions.  They influence how we act, and of course, how we vote.  Also, I strongly suspect this effect is exaggerated because church-going people probably tend to vote more often than non-church goers. The problem I have is that the control and misinformation rampant in these church communities is moving people to vote not based on evidence and reason — but on ideology and emotion.  If you’ve read “The Armageddon Factor” and understand the deep roots the Conservative party has to fundamentalist religion, you should be scared for Canada this morning.

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