Feb 222012

The SEA has been invited to speak at this year’s Interfaith Symposium held by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at the U of A. Marion Kilgour, our current treasurer will be speaking for the SEA, and there will be  Christian, Jewish, Hindu, and Muslim speakers as well.

March 7, 2012 at 7pm

Telus Centre
University of Alberta
87 Ave and 111 Street

See the flyer for more details about the speakers.

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Feb 222012

So, it’s Sunday morning, you’re wide awake, but everyone you know who’s up at this hour is going to church. Why not join us for brunch?

Albert’s Family Restaurant at Bonnie Doon Mall
Sunday, February 26, 2012

We’ll have something with the SEA logo on the table, and will probably be at a table close to the front right, or in the back left.

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Feb 222012

By Donna

The complaint submissions sent by Donna Hunter and three other Morinville parents have been accepted by the Alberta Human Rights Commission under Section 4 of the Alberta Human Rights Act. It was welcome news after the complaint submission sent by Donna Hunter and another Morinville parent under Section 11.1 of the AHRA was not accepted in January. The two parents have since requested a review of the AHRC director’s decision to decline the Section 11.1 complaints. The parents have not heard back yet on this request.
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Feb 182012

In 2008, Quebec introduced a mandatory ethics and religion class. The class includs the major faiths in Quebec and discussions of ethics. To me, that seems like a great idea. I’d like to see more of that in Alberta schools.

One couple challenged the mandatory classes in the courts, on the basis of their Charter rights.

According to the Supreme Court’s case summary, the parents have a problem with the course because of the “disruption caused by forced, premature contact with a series of beliefs that were mostly incompatible with those of the family, as well as the adverse effect on the religious faith of the members of this family.”

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Feb 152012

By Don

Recently on the SEA Facebook page there was some discussion about the Speech from the Throne made by Alberta’s Lieutenant Governor, Don Ethell.  There was criticism levelled at the Speech for what as I see as two main issues:  the content of the Speech itself and then about references made to God at the conclusion of the Speech.  It quickly became clear that I am in the minority as I see no fault with the Lieutenant Governor’s remarks and see no reason to criticize the man or office, at least in this case.  So, let me explain my reasoning on each issue.
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Feb 072012

By Andrew

I think that we have all seen some pretty spectacular over-reactions by Christians to some fairly inoffensive billboards and bus ads. So the question comes up, is it possible to run pro-atheism ads without offending fundies? Well, an atheist group in Scranton, Pennsylvania is trying to find out, by putting up the least offensive ad they could come up with, and waiting to see what kind of reaction they get.


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Feb 052012

By Les

On Thursday November 24th, 2011, two friends and myself attended a talk that the churches on our base in CFB Cold Lake, AB were hosting at the base theatre. The company is called Creation Ministries International (CMI). We had been made aware of their talk a few days earlier with a flier in a friend’s mailbox. We decided to go, mainly to see what they were about, and maybe to ask questions. We spent the couple of nights leading up to the talk going over their website reading up on their topic of the talk. It is called Genesis: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle. We combed through our personal science books and the Bible. Also, we watched a video about the “great flood”.
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Feb 032012


Tuesday, 7 February 2012, 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Room 7, 6th Floor, Stanley A Milner Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta.

Centennial Room (library basement), Stanley A Milner Library, 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, Alberta.

It’s the Society of Edmonton Atheists monthly roundtable, first Tuesday of every month starting at 7 p.m!

This month we will be having a much more interactive roundtable discussion. Everyone is encouraged to bring a story that they have heard, or read about, or have had happen to them that involves a religious fundamentalist saying or doing something completely ludicrous. We will all take turns telling our stories and then at the end of the night we will vote on which one we think is best and the person that told that story will win a prize.

**PLEASE NOTE** – This month we are meeting in the basement of the library and not in our usual room. The name of the meeting room is “The Centennial Room”

Drinks at Elephant and Castle afterwards at 9:00 pm-ish

Upcoming round-tables (mark your calendars!):

6 March 2012: “History of Religious Holidays”

3 April 2012: SEA Annual General Meeting

1 May 2012: “Religion’s role in Addictions’ Support”

5 June 2012: “What atheists can learn from religion”

All are welcome to both events! See you there!

Facebook RSVP here




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