Feb 182012

In 2008, Quebec introduced a mandatory ethics and religion class. The class includs the major faiths in Quebec and discussions of ethics. To me, that seems like a great idea. I’d like to see more of that in Alberta schools.

One couple challenged the mandatory classes in the courts, on the basis of their Charter rights.

According to the Supreme Court’s case summary, the parents have a problem with the course because of the “disruption caused by forced, premature contact with a series of beliefs that were mostly incompatible with those of the family, as well as the adverse effect on the religious faith of the members of this family.”

In other words, they didn’t want their children to know that other religions exist. Too bad, it’s Canada. The Supreme Court seems to think that too, and rejected the case:

Unless it can be found that any exposure of children to realities that differ from those in their family environment is unacceptable in light of the constitutional or quasi-constitutional protection conferred on freedom of religion, [the court] cannot conclude that the appellants have been able to prove their case.

Now, it’s just too bad that the class doesn’t explicitly include atheism.

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