Jan 152013

A while ago, the SEA Board of Directors undertook a strategic planning exercise with a facilitator from Alberta Community Development.
Two of the things that came out of that were our current mission statement:

The Society of Edmonton Atheists fosters a community among atheists, agnostics and freethinkers through discussion, constructive activism, education and philanthropy.

And a list of goals for the SEA:

  • Promote better Board functioning
  • Introduce the SEA and atheism to the public
  • Obtain and retain members
  • Improve event variety, organization and frequency
  • Organize philanthropic activities
  • Active fundraising (casino application, grants)
  • Communicate for the benefit of our members
  • Advocate for secular issues

Survey: Which of these goals are most important to you, and how should we work to achieve them?

(Alternate survey link)