Jun 072013

Director Luke Fevin with John W. Loftus

We hope a few of you managed to make it out to the God or Godless debate at the Greenfield Baptist Church in Edmonton on Wednesday night.  The debate spanned three evenings, starting off in Calgary, then to Red Deer before heading up to us in Edmonton.   The event here was quite well attended with approximately 300 people in the church.   Randal Rauser and John W Loftus presented their arguments, Randall arguing for God and John arguing a lack of evidence to conclude belief, then there was a conversational section of the evening followed by Q and A’s.   Rauser and Loftus have written a book together by the same title as the topic for the evening, which as I understand, goes through 20 topics in which they both weigh in with their respective views.   The book can be found on Amazon.

John W Loftus is a former Christian Minister who studied under William Lane Craig at the Trinity Evangelical Divinity School.  He has degrees in philosophy, philosophy of religion, theology, and a PhD in ethics.    Loftus updated his blog Debunking Christianity after the event and we thank him for the mention.   He lives in Indiana, and has written numerous books on religion/atheism and why he is now an atheist.

Randal Rauser lives here in Edmonton, and is the associate professor at the Taylor Seminary.  He too has authored numerous books, and also has a blog.   Randal has been out to speak to the S.E.A. previously, although sadly I was not part of the group at that time.  I do hear it was an interesting and well received evening.

Overall, many of the arguments were all things we’ve heard before from the religious side.   Quite deist in their leanings, the arguments included the ever popular argument of moral objectivity, mathematics and natural laws proving a designer, and transcendent love being proof of a higher power.     Obviously these arguments could be used to prove any of the thousands of gods throughout our history.   At the end of the evening after a conversation with a Christian in the room who asked me to ”keep seeking for god” I was left with one main question from the presented arguments and the discussions that happened afterwards.

”Which god?”

~Karen Kerr

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