Oct 082013

Thanks so much to everyone that took part in the highway clean up this September, our new format was a huge success.  In previous years we have just met early and worked all day to clean up our stretch of the QE2, however this saw the group of volunteers working for upwards of 7 hours.   This year we split the clean up over two weekends, doing 2 hour stints each time.  Not only did you not get as tired (your back didn’t ache the next morning), it was more productive and we had time to head out for lunch afterwards.  15 different people came to help out over the course of our 4 events, that’s double the amount that came out last year to help.   Great job guys and gals!

We’ll follow that same format next year and we may very well be adding a late spring/early summer highway clean up too, so watch the website/facebook page for info on that.

The crew (missing: Allan taking the photo)

The crew (missing: Allan taking the photo)

Highway cleanup

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