Oct 092013

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What are your board members up to?


Outwith the regular roundtable, book club and brunches we are working on trying to have an extra event for members each month.

October 19th we are headed to Prairie Garden Farms for a family event, if you’d like the details check our event here.
We are hoping to have a pub night or meet-and-greet event in November.
December has us celebrating the solstice on December 14th, and there is the possibility of a cookie bake event for families.

Check our events on the events calendar or keep up to date on facebook where you’ll find all our opportunities to get together.


We’re always on the look out for guest speakers, and we have added a new guest to January’s roundtable.   The originally planned roundtable event for January will be moved to a later date.  We’ve also got some leads on people coming from Dying with Dignity, Stop Polygamy in Canada as well as a guest to come speak about Feminism in the new year, so watch for those events.

Brochures and updated business cards:

Board member Robert Chamberlain has been hard at work over the last few months creating a new brochure and business card for us, and we’re now at the printing stage.   We are hoping to have various brochures available to have ready to hand out at S.E.A. and public events, if you have something specific you’d like to see then let us know!

Rob also helps put together the newsletter, which we think has been a great success since it’s reboot in May.  If you’ve got something you’d like to include in it or see featured let us know.

Volunteer meeting

If you are interested in helping out S.E.A. with events, or have ideas on fundraising then please come along to our October 22nd Volunteer Meeting to share your ideas or find out how you can help.


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