Nov 132013

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December roundtable will include a brief discussion on a book swap vs book library before we discuss the main topic.

The Winter Solstice Party is Potluck, and the SEA board will purchase a liquor license to enable people to bring a bottle along if they desire.   Please remember that this is a family friendly event, so while alcohol will be permitted we expect everyone to stay within their limits.
We are also trying to source a karaoke machine for after dinner fun, if you have one we can borrow please get in touch, otherwise we will be renting one and may ask for small donations at the door to help cover this cost.

February 12th is Darwin Day so will most likely try to head to Telus World of Science (at a group rate) as an event for that on the nearest weekend to that date.   Watch our events page for information.


We have a SIGNED copy of AC Grayling‘s latest book  that we are planning to use as a prize draw over December and January.   This will be part of a membership drive as we hope to move to a more simple method for renewing memberships.  They will now run from January – December, having everyone renewing at the same time.  As part of our membership drive anyone purchasing a membership/renewing a membership in January will be automatically entered into the draw to win the signed copy of AC Grayling’s book.   We should have specific details sorted out in the next week or so, and this information will be emailed as well as posted on our website and facebook group.  If you would like your address added to the emailing list please let us know.



We are looking at the various options available to us for advertising and getting our name out there to the general public.  This will involve researching all the various costs of media from newspapers to bus ads.  If you are interested in helping us out with this please let one of the board members know or send us an email.



The SEA applied for a casino last year, but were denied as we did not meet their requirements based on non-profit regulations.    Churches are exempt from meeting these regulations as they fit in with the ”religious” category.  After a ruling in Ontario deemed atheism a ”creed” we are going to appeal their decision and see where we get.  We’ll keep you posted!

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