Jan 202014

We started off a year ago, Jan 20th 2013, with Richard Dawkins book : ”The God Delusion”.   We crowded into the Second Cup at the Library downtown and discussed the book over coffee and tea, surrounded by people playing chess.  A few months went by, we settled on a format of one book per month,  and even had a bit of a run in once with some of the patrons of the store.   The location’s limit was met when we struggled to fit everyone in the area when we discussed Christopher Hitchens ”God is Not Great”, so a  move was made to the Oliver Square Second Cup, which we still call home.  Although it can sometimes be a waiting game, space isn’t as hard to come by and we have regularly been able to have 10 or more people.   The move was a good one for us, we regularly hand out business cards or have people come by to stop and chat.  The availablity of an announcement board also makes it possible for us to advertise our bi-weekly meetings there.

There are a core group of about 6-8 of us now, committed to meeting every two weeks to discuss our chosen book and to have friendly banter.  I feel I’ve found a great little group of friends, who will forgive me when I don’t understand something we read (um, yeah, totally lost me on Universe from Nothing) and take the time to explain things to me that I need help with.  I look forward to the discussion every two weeks, and in the last year I think I’ve only missed one meeting because I wasn’t well.

That being said, new members are MORE than welcome.  Just last week we had a new person join us.  I think the group benefits and enjoys a new perspective on things, so if you have contemplated coming, please come join us!

The book club meets every second week at the Second Cup in Oliver Square at 7pm.  The location is open until 10pm, which gives us a bit of flexibility on ending time.

This month we are reading Steven Pinker’s  ”The Better Angels Of Our Nature – why violence has declined”.   Our next meeting is on January 26th when we will discuss chapters 5 through 7.  Check our book club tab for all the information on what book and when, it is updated regularly.   We also try to give a short one sentence review of the books we have already discussed.

You’ll also find our brand new book library on that tab, open to all paid members you can borrow any of the books listed in that section.  I hope this will be a useful resource for people, as sometimes the library doesn’t have a title you want to read, or it may not be currently available.

Happy Reading…I’m looking  forward to another great year and meeting some new faces!


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