Jan 122014

A huge thank you to Rhys Chouinard, who came to speak to us at our roundtable meeting this past Tuesday.   Rhys  presented arguments for and against the big bang along with other implications that the various theories hold, including what they mean for the end (or perhaps no end) to the universe.

Rhys studied Physics at the U of A where he recieved his Bachelor of Science. He has studied with Craige Henike (astrophysics) and has worked on the IceCube Neutrino Observatory Project during his Masters program. His studies have included high energy particle interactions in the arctic to x-ray binary systems, cosmology and dark matter.

Time constraints for the meeting meant he couldn’t go into depth on a few topics, however Rhys did let us know his presentation on Dark Matter is available on youtube via Logicon.  Enjoy!

Rhys at Roundtable

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