Feb 212014

Sorry for the late notice on this but we wanted to let you know about the live-streamed debate going on this evening between Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig.   The debate will focus on cosmology and whether this gives any evidence for a God. I know one of WLC’s favourite arguments is this (Kalam Cosmological Argument) ”Everything that begins to exist has a cause, the universe began to exist, therefore the universe had a cause, [therefore God]”   WLC seems to think God creating the universe via the big bang is the MOST logical explaination.   Should be interesting to see someone tackle just this one argument from WLC, in all his other debates I feel there is too much other stuff thrown about and nothing is focussed in on.

If you want to watch it is streaming live tonight  at 6pm Central Time.

Let us know your thoughts after the debate in our comment section.


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