Mar 122014

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The main topic of our discussion this week at the board meeting was the Annual General Meeting, which happens next month in place of the Roundtable Event.  All current members have the ability to run and vote for the board.  We’ll also be having a meet and greet session, and are hoping to have time after the elections to look to the next year and discuss some things you’d like S.E.A to accomplish.

If you are interested in running for a board position you will either have to ask someone to nominate you or you can self nominate.   There are four executive positions:   President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer;  and then four director positions.  If you are interested in finding out a bit more about the positions and what they entail check out our board duties and expectations page.

Other items discussed were:

Pride Parade – we’ve had our approval for both the parade and a booth.  The board have been working to put together some brochures and material that we can give out and we are in the final stages of approving those.  If anyone is interested in helping organize for Pride please let us know, or make sure you sign up at the AGM


Outreach – The St. Albert United church has been in touch with us about creating a more inclusive environment in their church.  We have suggested some outreach such as ”Ask An Atheist” after a sermon.  We are in the discussing phase right now, but will keep everyone posted on progress.   Ideally we’d like to create a small outreach team for events like this, if you are interested in leading or being involved let us know.

Website – We’re still looking for people to help with content for the website, so if you like to blog or pass on information about atheism in the news you are welcome to contribute.

Upcoming Events –  April is the AGM, and in May we have a guest speaker from Dying With Dignity.  We have a few ideas and leads for speakers/topics, but are interested in what you would find interesting….What topics would you like to see discussed?
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