May 082014

LogiCON has announced their speakers list and the schedule for the day should be available soon.

Here is the info you need to know:


LogiCON is a science conference for anyone who has an interest in knowing more about all kinds of science topics.  This year, we have moved to a single track in one big room to make sure you get to see all of our speakers.  Learn about this year’s exciting discoveries about the beginning of time, the secrets of dark matter, the weird things that happen as temeratures approach Absolute Zero and much more.

This one day event takes places on Saturday, May 24th, at MacEwan University’s CN Theatre in the 105st building.  YOu’ll learn from a series of engaging speakers as well as have a chance to ask them questions about their areas of expertise.

Everybody  has an inner nerdy streak: come indulge yours at LogiCON 2014

You can get more information at the website, and tickets @


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