May 222014

There have been some changes to the way Pride is being run this year and all volunteers are required to sign a waiver/release form PRIOR to the event.   Please note if you are still unsure if you can make it but are hoping to, you CANNOT sign it on the day of the parade.   I’d rather have too many signatures than the other way around.  Please note this needs to be submitted by June 1st.

  1. Waivers must be signed by all people in your entry and submitted prior to June 1st 2014 .  This is crucially important as your parade package will be based on the number of signatures on your waiver.  If you do not return the waiver you will not be allowed to participate in the parade. A single waiver may be used for multiple signatures.    Signatures must be dated and have the signator print their name beside their signature.

You can send us a signed copy via email (scanned copy) to or to any board members you know via email or facebook.  Alternatively, we will have it available in person at LogiCON on Saturday May 24th,  brunch on Sunday 25th, at book club on the 25th, and at the David Silverman event on Wednesday 28th.   If none of these options work for you please get in touch with a board member and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Click this link to download the release form.  You are required to enter your name, signature and date on page two of this document

Waiver and Release Form

Please dress in colourful clothing, and try to avoid t-shirts with messaging on them.   We have a few hand held signs but if you plan on bringing your own please be aware that the SEA board will have final say on whether it can be included (there are much stricter rules this year and we do not want to offend or risk not being allowed to participate).

Thanks everyone, we’re looking forward to showing our support and having plenty of fun at the Edmonton Pride Parade 2014!

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