May 202014

Here is some info to keep you up to date on the discussions that happened at our latest board meeting.

SEA Board

There have been a small group of us building a new Flying Spaghetti Monster for Pride Parade, and we’re currently working on creating some noodles to put onto the body.  I ended up bringing the required items for us to make some during our last board meeting.  I probably looked quite strange carrying a bunch of stuffed pantyhose back to my car afterwards!

Some new events to help finish the FSM will be up soon, so watch the events section.

Pride Parade happens on June 7th, and we also need volunteers to help with the booth and people to walk with us in the parade.  If you are interested in helping please check out the details on our recent blog post.  There is also a link to a google schedule document so you can add your name to a timeslot that needs filled.

Complaint Process
We have come up with a more formal complaint process. If you have a concern you wish to be reviewed by the board, please let one of us know, or you can send us a message via email.

David Silverman
If you haven’t heard our exciting news already, we’ve booked David Silverman, President of American Atheists, to come and speak on May 28th.  All the information you need is available on the website, including how to buy tickets.  We’re all really looking forward to this event and hope it brings out some new people in Edmonton that weren’t aware of us before now.  Let’s spread the word!

Bus Ads
We’re still moving forward with this idea, and hope to kick off the fundraising at the David Silverman Event.  Our original quote was $25,000 but after some clarification of who we are and what our message would be (Don’t Believe In God?  You Are Not Alone) we have a quote that is much more attainable at around $8000.

Upcoming Roundtable Events
The board are currently trying to see if we can have guest speakers via Skype, and are hopeful this set up might be a cost effective way to have conversations with well known atheists.   If you have an idea for  a speaker or a topic you’d like us to cover let us know.
2014 SEA BOD banner

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