Jun 042014

Together In Pride
On Saturday June 7th we will be participating in the Pride Parade here in Edmonton.   The muster point for those of you marching with us is at 102 ave and 108 street and you’ll need to arrive by 11:30am.      Please wear a brightly coloured shirt and whatever else you may need to deal with the weather on the day.   We are carrying the Flying Spaghetti Monster so will need some volunteers to help and others of us can carry signs or wave around noodly ribbon appendages.   We are not allowed to give away any food or throw things like confetti, so please don’t bring anything like that.  Bubbles might be okay though   😉   Have fun, smile and engage the crowd!    If you want to be in the crowd and watch the parade that’s great too, just don’t forget to cheer for us and if you have a camera take plenty of pictures.


After the parade we have a booth set up in Churchill Square.  We will have the ”statistical wheel of probabilities” again where you can spin to win things like FSM blessings and hugs.  We’ll have new pamphets and info available as well as merchandise for sale.     Drop by and say hello!


We are also pleased to announce that Nathan Phelps (son of Fred Phelps from Westboro Baptist Church) is coming up to march with us.   After leaving the church at 18,  Nathan became a strong advocate for the LGBT community and is also a vocal atheist.    We are more than excited to have him join us this year!   His newest project has just been announced this week,  a documentary of his journey.  Check out the kickstarter page and trailer ”NOT My Father’s Son”

See you on Saturday!

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