Jun 032014

Unfortunately our guest speaker scheduled to come talk about Buddhism tonight is in bed with the flu.  Rather than spread his germs around we are going to postpone his talk and have a discussion about something else instead.

Right now, we are leaning towards a discussion that will touch on the David Silverman event and the topics he raised, discussing what it means to be an  ”out atheist”  and the differences in how we go about that.   Firebrand or Diplomat: Which are you? While  “firebrands” may favor a more passionate, confrontational approach, speaking directly about absurdities and contradictions of religious institutions, “diplomats” prefer a more respectful, more sympathetic, less confrontational approach towards religion and religious beliefs. Is one view better than the other? Do these two views compliment each other? How do we work together within our own movement despite our different approaches?

Hope to see you out!    Stanley Milner Library, tonight at 7pm, in the Centennial room which is on the lower floor.

Karen Kerr, President
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