Aug 052014

So we’re at a bit of a crossroads with the bus ads.  We are still in need of some funds (although I have been promised a substantial donation from a few people we don’t physically have them yet), however we are moving much closer to our goal of $8000.  We also are trying to get Ad Standards Canada to approve our ad, which is what Edmonton Transit and Pattison have asked from us.

btn_donate_LG on our membership and merchandise page. 

The crossroads?

We know what the ad should say, but we need artwork.   We’re looking for some graphic artists or help creating the background image for our ad, do you have a hidden talent and want to help?

The ad should include our message  ”Godless?  Good!”  and a call for action by asking them to ”Join us!”.   Ideally we’ll have our website address and our logo included in the ad as well.  The background image should be catchy, but also tie into our message.   If we garner any media attention from this, we want the media to reuse our actual ad, rather than just describing it, so the graphic is important.   We have discussed a few ideas but aren’t sure these are attention grabbers.

BUS AD IDEA 1 Godless bus ad 2
I’m waiting to hear back from Pattison about the exact dimensions required, we’re waiting to hear from ad standards as well…but for now we can move ahead by finalizing what we want the ad to look like.  If you think you’d like to take a stab at it, you can find our logo HERE to use.  If you use an image you find on the internet please make sure it is copyright free!

Please submit your ideas to our facebook group or page, or in an email to   Thanks for helping us grow our group and help other atheists out there know they are not alone!

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