Oct 212014

Keeping you informed on what your board members are discussing and working on for you!


Almost there!  We have our artwork decided on (just a few tweaks to be made – the attached version is not the final one), we require approval from Ad Standards Canada and still need to raise a few hundred dollars more to reach our goal.  We’ll be stretching out the website address to go across the bottom, and adding the call to action: ”Join Us”.   If you want to donate (even $20 here or there will help us towards our goal) you can make a donation on the merchandise/membership page here on the website, just click on the donate button.

Bus Ad idea decided


We’re taking a big step next year and are pleased to announce that next year the Society of Edmonton Atheists (and perhaps some other Alberta groups or Canadian sponsors) will be hosting a conference in Red Deer in October 2015!!  This is a first for us, and we are more than excited about moving forward with such a big event.   We hope to offer panel discussions and workshops, as well as having a few ”celebrity” guest speakers come in to speak to us about issues that concern us here in Alberta and worldwide.      Mark your calendars for the weekend of October 17th and 18th, 2015!

We also encourage each of you to support the Imagine No Religion Conference, which has moved to the first weekend in June 2015 and will be held in Vancouver.   Bill Ligertwood has worked tirelessly to arrange big name speakers and his hard work has paid off as Richard Dawkins will be a guest at the conference in 2015!   Bill has arranged some packages that will include travel/hotel/food and conference tickets which can be viewed on their website.


Do you know of a guest speaker or topic you’d like to discuss at our monthly meeting?  Please let us know your ideas by using the contact page on the website or talking to a board member at an event.


Last year we held a get together on December 21st, had a fun bible challenge game, shared food and engaged in great conversation.   This is a family friendly event and we are in the process of finding a place to hold the event this year (unfortunately our lovely hosts from last year will not be in town at this time).  We have a few leads, but if you have a rentable room where you live or a large space in your own house that will accomodate a potluck type dinner for about 30-40 people with a small kitchen incorporated,  please be in touch to let us know.

Winter Solstice


Highway cleanup is finished until next year when the snow melts, and we wanted to thank each of you for coming out to do your part.  We didn’t have as big an attendance this fall as we’d hoped for, but we still managed to get our section completed.   Because we had events at the beginning of summer as well as in fall this year the section wasn’t nearly as difficult to complete.   Tim Hortons stills own the top spot for most cups collected…no change there then!


A huge thanks to all those that were involved in bringing Richard Carrier in to speak to us in September, we are  looking forward to planning future special events.    As with most events we learn some valuable things each time (like Sunday night events aren’t particularly easy to find venues for!) and the board are commited to continuing to bring in big name speakers for you.

Carrier take one


A reminder that the end of 2014 is fast approaching and in January membership renewals will be due for the 2015 year.   Unfortunately, we ran out of membership cards earlier in the year and are still looking into our options for reasonably priced cards,  so for those of you that joined us in 2014 but didn’t recieve a card please be assured that we are working on it.  Despite no membership cards, we are sure you’ll agree that in the last year we have added a great deal of value to our Society and hope that you will continue to support us with our small  fee of $20 a year.    Membership entitles you to run for and vote for our board members at our annual general meeting, which happens in April of each year.  It’s time to start considering if you’d like to be more active in helping our society grow and possibly running for a position!   In 2015 we are commited to adding value to your memberships, with continued discounts on events, prize draws and the possibility of member only events.   We appreciate your investment in us!

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