Jan 032015

In June, ECongrats EPLdmonton Public Library (EPL) was named the 2014 Library of the Year. And it is a pretty awesome organization. The SEA has been holding our monthly Roundtable meetings at the downtown branch since 2009.

You may have looked through the catalogue or shelves at one point and thought that there wasn’t much relating to atheism or leaving religion. Donald, a local atheist and library fan, has been using his monthly allotment of book requests to stock up the shelves with atheist/secular books that he’s interested in.

If you want to see more of these types of books* on Edmonton shelves, there are two easy things you can do to help that happen:

  1. Borrow the books.

The library system keeps track of which books are being borrowed. Books that are being used are more likely to get replaced if they’re damaged, and less likely to get removed from circulation and sold at the EPL Books2Buy sales.

  1. Request the books.

The library has an online system allowing members to request up to 5 items per month. You can also track the progress of your request, and you’ll get a notice when the library decides to look for a copy to buy.

To get you thinking, here are some books that Donald recently got EPL to acquire:

* I say books, but this also applies to music, videos, audio books, e-books, etc. If you haven’t explored the library recently, trust me, they have a lot of stuff.