Jan 152015

Time to update you on what your board has been working on for you!

We’d like to say goodbye to board member Kerri, who is off travelling the world for a year with her husband.  Thanks for all your dedication to the SEA, we’ll certainly miss you!   Thanks to everyone that came out last Saturday to send her off.
Kerri's Going Away

Pattison Outdoor asked us to contact Advertising Standards of Canada for pre-approval, however we have been told that this is not something that ASC actually do.  We’ve passed along the information that Pattison can request a consult with ASC if they feel our ad doesn’t meet criteria, so right now the ball is in their court.   Let’s hope this moves quickly now that we are in the final stages as we’re ready to go with this!   (Our donation situation is close enough to our goal that if we are approved SEA will cover the missing funds, however any donations, no matter how small, will certainly still be accepted and appreciated.  You can donate in person at events or on our membership page)




We are excited to hold our first Alberta conference coming this October in Red Deer!   This will not specifically be a SEA conference and will include involvment from other groups around Alberta too.    We’ve lined up some local talent to talk about things like the duplicate school systems (as an example) and are working on getting a few celebrity atheists there as well, creating a fun and also educational weekend.   If you have any ideas for a name for this conference please let us know, this seems to be something we’re a bit stumped on at the moment.

We need to update our website especially if bus ads get running in the near future.  If anyone out there has great knowledge of the inner workings of wordpress we’re looking for your help, and are willing to pay a nominal fee for your time.  Contact us via info@edmontonatheists.ca if you are interested.

If you haven’t seen the advertising for this yet then you might not be aware that Richard Dawkins will be speaking at this conference in Vancouver on June 6th.  We have an exciting contest coming soon regarding this conference so watch the page/facebook for more info on this.
inr5 conference

All of our upcoming events can be found on the right sidebar of our website or under the Events tab on both the website and our facebook group.

Our March Roundtable will have a live skype session with Hemant Mehta, The Friendly Athiest.   You don’t want to miss it!   Another not to be missed event is a debate being planned by the  UAAA at the beginning of March between Justin Schieber and Randal Rauser.     Last year many of us attended their debate event between Justin Schieber and Michael Horner.


Another great winter solstice party, with plenty of new faces and a large crowd to play our Religion Challenge Game.  The lucky winners this year were each awarded a copy of the book ”How to start your own religion in five easy steps”, with runners up taking home some religiously themed candles.   Thanks to everyone that joined us and made this event a big success!

Solstice Winners  runner ups 1

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