Apr 082015

Hello everyone!

Our Annual General Meeting was last night and we had a fantastic turn out.   General meetings are a requirement for us to remain a non-profit group and aren’t always the most exciting of meetings to sit through, but we did manage to squeeze in a few laughs anyway.  Meh!

Our financial statements were reviewed and we had our biggest year yet with campaigns, donations and event takings.  We voted and agreed to donate a sponsorship amount for the upcoming AB Secular Conference, which will have us listed as founding sponsors for the life of the conference.  It’s great to see our group investing in the secular movement in the province and helping to affect change.  I look forward to continually adding value to our memberships and keeping this momentum going.   Our paid membership is the largest it’s ever been in SEA’s history, so we’re doing something right!  Let’s keep it going!

We voted on a few new lifetime members, had discussions about what kind of things we want to do for the upcoming year and talked about regular events such as Pride Parade, solstice parties and volunteer work.  Some new ideas are on the table, such as starting up an atheist parent meet up, and we will also be having regular monthly events that are family friendly over the summer/fall months.  At the end of the evening we had a prize draw giveaway for up to date members.  Congratulations to Brad F, the winner of the signed copy of The Thinking Atheists (Seth Andrews) book, Deconverted.


I appreciate the hard work and dedication the 2014-2015 board gave, it was a fabulous year and we had a great team of people working behind the scenes.  Thank you to each of you for your committment to the SEA.

Here is your newly elected board for the 2015-2016 year:

President Karen Lumley Kerr
Vice-President Allan Bassil
Secretary Maryna Goncharenko
Recording Secretary Kathy Dawson
Treasurer Marion Kilgour
Director Luke Fevin
Director Robert Chamberlain
Director Harriet Huestis
Director Brayden Whitlock

Congratulations to our new board, and thank you all for putting your trust in me again to be your fearless leader.   Looking forward to another stellar year!


Karen Lumley Kerr
President, Society of Edmonton Atheists

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