Jun 102015

We’ve had lots of people asking why we went to this event to stand outside with our homemade signs…even other atheists are questioning our motives here.  So, I wanted to make it clear why we went and what exactly the signs and information we gave out said.

Firstly, psychic mediumship is big business.    We’re taking $100’s of dollars per session that might last an hour, and then you often are asked to return to have a curse removed or past sins cleansed.  Unfortunately, what should be seen as mere entertainment has been known to eat into life savings and in extreme cases nearly cost the person their house.   One can see how it would be easy to fall victim to these mediums, hoping to speak to your loved one from beyond the grave, especially if you have just had someone in your life pass on.  Bear in mind though,  there is no current evidence to support an afterlife, and no evidence to show that someone could connect with one if there was.   James Randi offers a million dollar prize to anyone that can ”demonstrate any psychic, supernatural, or paranormal ability under satisfactory observation.”   This prize has been available, albeit in a smaller amount to start with, since 1964, and there have been multiple people try to win, but it still remains unclaimed.
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