Apr 072016

Hello everyone!

Our Annual General Meeting was Tuesday night, and although the attendance was down a bit from usual, we still met quorum requirements. Annual General meetings are a requirement for us to remain a non-profit group so I would encourage you all to get involved next year, we do spend a bit of time talking about the focus of the Society and what kind of events you are interested in, so all input is greatly appreciated.

Our 2015 memberships hit an all time high… again.  We are growing steadily year on year and my hope is to break 100 paid members this year.  So if you haven’t done so already I’d encourage you to renew your membership for the 2016 year and help support the Society.   Our financial statements were reviewed and we are in a great position going into this upcoming year.   This means any money we do accrue we can use to focus on outreach and activism, two areas in which we are interested in becoming more involved.

Aron Ra is our next big event, coming on Tuesday May 3rd, which will take the place of our regular roundtable event.  As big name speakers involve travel, food and hotel costs we will be setting up tickets with a recommended donation amount.  All the info you need to attend this event should be up and running over the next few days.


I appreciate the hard work and dedication the 2015 board gave, it was a fabulous year and we had a great team of people working behind the scenes. Thank you to each of you for your committment to the SEA.  A huge thank you to Marion K , who has ”retired” from the board, for all of her commitment and hard work for the SEA throughout it’s history.

Here is your newly elected board for the 2016-2017 year:

President                       Karen Lumley Kerr
Vice-President               Alexander Delorme
Secretary                       Greg Evancio
Recording Secretary      Allan Bassil
Treasurer                       Kathy Dawson
Director                          Luke Fevin
Director                          Robert Chamberlain
Director                          Brayden Whitlock
Director                          Jonathan Simmons

Congratulations to our new board, and thank you all for putting your trust in me yet again to be your fearless leader.

Karen Lumley Kerr
President, Society of Edmonton Atheists

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