Oct 182016

holiday-hamperAt the AGM this year we, as a group, voted to collect items towards holiday hampers through the Junior Chamber Edmonton group.  We have recently been able to officially register for this program, so now we need to start collecting the dry goods at SEA events and all the way through until mid-December. The following list will allow us to complete 2 Extra Large hampers (for 9 people each).  We will also require some cash donations towards the fresh items that can only be bought the week prior. So if you can’t get out to go shopping just donate a few bucks to the cause.  You can do this in person at events via a board member or you can do this on the membership page using the donate button (leave us a note on your donation so we know you want it to be allocated towards the hamper program)

This post will be updated as items are donated, so you know what we still need. You can always comment about what items you are going to donate as well so that others don’t duplicate. If we do end up with any duplications, we will take those to the food bank. **Please ensure the items will be in date into 2017

We’ll need cash donations for the fresh items, that we will pick up the week of delivery.  These items include: 2 x (Cryovac) Ham, 2 x 15lbs Potatoes, 8 x Root Vegetables (Sweet Potato, Yams, Turnip), 48 Mandarin/Festive Oranges, 2 boxes of Christmas Pastry or Desserts, 2 x 750g Christmas chocolates, 2 x 454g tub of Margarine/Butter, 6 loaves of bread, 4 x package of bread rolls

If we have enough cash donations we will also get each of the family members a small personal gift (like toys for the kids, pampering sets for the adults, gift cards for teenagers)

Thanks for helping!!   Click ”READ MORE” for the shopping list


14 x Canned Vegetables (peas/carrots etc)
2 x Cans Cranberry Sauce
14x Cans of Soup
8 x boxes of Macaroni and Cheese
10 x 1liter REAL fruit juice
7 x Cans of Baked Beans
8 x Cans of Chilli or Stew
2 x 500g packs of tea or coffee
2 x 1kg Peanut Butter
4 x 500ml Jam/Marmalade
8 x Cans of Fruit
6 x boxes stove top Stuffing/Dressing
4 x packs of Gravy Mix
3 x 500gram pack of pasta
2 x rolls of Aluminium Foil

Extra items: Granola Bars, Olive Oil, Oatmeal, Kids snacks
Non-food: Soap (dish soap, laundry detergent, body), toilet paper

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