May 282019

Summer Solstice June 22nd, 4pm!      

This is at a private residence, so the exact address is not posted on the website or facebook page. Please message us or talk to us at one of our events in person to get the location.

Event is POT LUCK, so bring something for people to share (salads, chips/dip, crackers and cheese,veggie tray, fruit tray, pies etc) and if you are so inclined you can bring meat for yourself as a bbq will be availalbe for use.

Plates, cups, napkins, cutlery will be supplied. We’ll also have iced tea and lemonade.

Because this is a private residence, you are free to bring alcohol for yourself as well, make sure you arrange for a safe ride home if you do decide to drink.

We generally eat and then play some games afterwards, ending closer to 11pm or midnight. There is a yard, and areas where kids can play video games/watch movies to keep them occupied. Stop by whenever you can.

**PLEASE NOTE ANIMALS LIVE AT THIS HOUSE** (Three dogs and a rabbit). We can keep them isolated but if you are allergic you should take some allergy medicine prior to arrival.

This year we will be inviting all the groups we have had regular joint events with; Westwood Unitarian, Dying With Dignity, Secular Humanists of Alberta and the Secular Ethics Group in Stony Plain.

You can RSVP to the event on facebook, or by sending us a message:

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