Nov 202019

At the last few solstice parties we’ve had too many desserts (hey, some may argue that’s okay) and not enough main entree type foods brought for our potluck.  So we thought we would try a little sign up this time around and see how that goes.

Please message the facebook page, speak to someone in person at an event, or comment on this post to sign up for food category and we’ll update this list as it gets filled up.  Once it’s completed we’ll add extra selections as required.

We generally have between 15 – 20 people who drop by to eat (more come for games afterwards) so keep that in mind when bringing food.   There are also two hot plates, and a few crock pots available, if you need your dish to stay warm.  Soft drinks are provided, as is cutlery, plates, napkins etc.   Please bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Appetizers (eg: cheese and crackers, mini-quiche, spring rolls, veggies and dip)

  1. .  Karen – garlic sausage, crackers and cheese
  2. .  Sandra – Devilled Eggs
  3. .

Salads/sides or soup

  1.  Marianne and Joe – roasted veggie salad with miso dressing
  2.  Randy – Potato and Egg salad
  3.  Martin and Tom – Caprese Salad
  4.  Harriet – tentative – sweet potato casserole

Entrees (eg: chilli, pasta bakes or casseroles,mini slider burgers)

  1. Karen – rotini pasta with tomato/veggie based sauce
  2. Tina  – sliders
  3.  Ashley – quiche
  4.  Ingrid – swedish meatballs


  1. Tamara  – black forest cake
  2. Ashley – fruit tray
  3. Margaret and Pat – cheesecake    (also bringing garlic bread to go with pasta)
  4. .
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