Mar 052020

TUESDAY, April 7th will be this year’s SEA Annual General Meeting (AGM), formally starting at 7:00 pm, in the Program Room at Clareview Library.  We will be there from 6:30pm onwards for anyone that requires a membership or needs to renew.

Anyone interested is invited to attend; however, only paying members will be permitted to vote in the general election or on any other business.

  • Agenda:   an agenda will be updated and available soon

If you are at all interested in running for the Board, please take a look at our explanation of the roles and responsibilities for each position, as well as some FAQs about joining the Board. This year all positions will be available to be filled.  Please note that Treasurer requires you have been a member in good standing for at least a year, and President holds a requirement of one past year (at any time) on the board.

If you would like to see our current bylaws they can be found on the website, under “About”.  We are still awaiting approval of changes made at our past AGM, as the government is backlogged.
If you would like to propose any other changes for consideration at the AGM, they must be sent to the Board for distribution to the rest of the membership in advance of the meeting.  Please try to have those into us one week before the meeting.

See you there!

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