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Our annual general meeting usually takes place just before the summer each year, and obviously with events being shut down due to covid this did not happen at the usual scheduled time.    We had hoped that small events indoors would be up and running by this stage in order to hold our meeting, however libraries are still not booking out their meeting rooms.

We thought we’d gauge interest in filling the board positions (all are available this time around) in order to make some decisions about how the group moves forward, so are asking those of you interested in sitting for a position to let us know.   For now, if you had a valid membership last year you would be considered a member for the purposes of this AGM.  If you would like to run but didn’t have a membership last year you can use our online method to get yourself up to date.

The positions are:  Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President and President held until the end of April 2022, and up to 4 directors until end of April 2021.  The duties for these board positions are currently quite limited, as we aren’t having in person meetings for the secretary to take minutes or attendance from, nor the treasurer to take toonie tin counts, memberships or donations from (although our taxes would still need to be completed).   For right now most duties boil down to attending the occasional coffee or trivia night online, and probably a quick check in via an online meeting format for a board meeting every 3rd month.    Obviously, this would change as public health measures around covid change.

If you are at all interested in running for the Board, you can read about our usual roles and responsibilities for each position, as well as some FAQs about joining the Board . Please bear in mind in order to run for President you have to have served on the board for at least one year (throughout the history of the group), so if you intend on running for this position in the future it is worth thinking about joining the board.  In order to run for Treasurer you must have been a member in good standing for at least a year.

We haven’t had any concerns about our current BYLAWS, after updating them a few years ago, but if you had any changes you’d like to see then those would also need to be forwarded to us.

Once we know how much interest there is, and if a vote will be required rather than acclamation for the positions, we can make a plan regarding how best to move forward with an AGM.


(past) President, SEA

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