Bus Ads 2015


The Society of Edmonton Atheists, will be running 10 buses for 4 weeks within the Edmonton area (March 16th – April 13 2015). The ad will hopefully raise awareness of the Society to existing atheists in the Edmonton area and encourage them to join our community.

People with no religious affiliation are one of the fastest-growing segments of Canadian demographics, with 25% of people identifying as nonreligious, an increase from 16.5% in 2001 according to the Canadian Census. Many people who leave religion or were raised without religion seek out a community of like-minded individuals. The Society of Edmonton Atheists aim to provide that community, through social and educational events on a regular basis as well as through volunteer opportunities.

Bus Ad

Q – Why did you choose ‘’Godless? Good.’’ ?
A – There are a number of meanings

1) If you are godless, good we are here for you.
2) We are pushing back against the myth that non-believers lack morality.
3) An evidence (non-supernatural) based view of reality encourages better informed decisions and is good for society

Q – What are you hoping to achieve?
A – Broader awareness that our group exists, provide social support and community for other atheists in Edmonton and remove stigma of the word “atheist”.
Issues that atheists face include:

  • Morinville/Legal school issue
  • Secular counselling is often not available in small towns
  • Prayer opening the Legislature and town councils
  • Blasphemy laws

Q – What does the SEA do?
A –
We hold events of various types, including educational discussions where we bring in local guest speakers as well as higher profile names. We organize social events for our membership and philanthropic and volunteer events like Habitat for Humanity, highway cleanup and blood drives.

Q – Why that art?
A –
It’s instantly recognizable which quickly conveys a message.  Since these ads are on buses we wanted our message to be easily recognizable even if it passes by in quick traffic.  We also think that it’s a beautiful piece of artwork.

Q – How can I help or get involved?
A –
Visit our website www.edmontonatheists.ca, come to our events, participate on our Facebook community, volunteer with us, or purchase a membership. You can also start talking to your friends and family about secular issues in Alberta.

Q – Where did you get the image?
A –
The Creation of Adam painting is part of the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, painted by Michelangelo in 1511/1512. The image file used can be found on Wikipedia.


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