Aug 012021

On August 15th we’ll be meeting in person, rather than online, for coffee night.

Second Cup Oliver Square, and we’ll be trying to get a table outside to reduce our risks. We ask that double vaccinated attend, to keep us as safe as possible.

If you are still uncomfortable meeting in person, or have not had your second vaccine dose yet, we will continue online coffee night once a month.

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Jun 202021

When coffee night was in person we used to meet every two weeks. When covid hit we came online to do coffee night and then as some of us felt a bit isolated, bumped it up to every week.

As restrictions start relaxing, and more and more of us are double vaccinated, there will come a day when we head back out and support our local coffee places. For now, we’ll be moving back to a two week schedule for coffee night, staying online for just a little bit longer, in preparation for our transition to in person again.

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Jun 122021

Tomorrow’s highway cleanup is no longer required, as we finished today. We’ll be doing it again in September, so watch for the event signup near the end of August. Thanks to all the volunteers!

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May 092021

Due to covid restrictions, teams of people from one house are preferable, although people are free to work alone.  As outdoor events are currently limited to 5 people, we will break into two groups, starting at opposite ends of our section.

We meet at 9am and go for a few hours, please make sure you dress for the weather and we would advise AGAINST sandals or shorts/capri pants as the grass gets pretty long and dirty. Please also be advised that Alberta Transport requires volunteers for the highway cleanup to be at least 9 years of age.

We meet both Saturday and Sunday, all the details can be found on the events

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Feb 122021

You will need to install Netflix Party/Teleparty

Click on the red TP Icon at the top of your browser after clicking the party link.


We will be watching a 51 minute documentary, narrated by Stephen Fry, on the mating/dancing habits of birds.

If you do not have netflix you can still join us to chat on google meets.


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Dec 292020

For now, until Covid-19 restrictions are removed, we will continue online meetings into 2021.  We have 4 regular meetings that you can attend, but please check the events page for Highway Clean up events (which can still be socially distanced) or extra events like Solstice parties.

Coffee Night – 7pm every Sunday via the JITSI app.   Seacoffeenight | Jitsi Meet

Trivia Night – 7:30pm every second Tuesday via the JITSI app Seatrivianight | Jitsi Meet

Secular Humanist Meetup – 7pm every second Thursday  Secular Humanists of Alberta | Jitsi Meet

Westwood Unitarian Book Club – 7pm the last Wednesday of the month until May  via ZOOM:
Launch Meeting – Zoom

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Oct 042020
We’re having issues with Jitsi this evening, so are going to jump over to zoom for coffee night. Feel free to join us, going on for another hour or so.
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Sep 202020

We managed to get all of our section done this weekend!  A huge thank you to everyone that came out, having about 8 people per day was the perfect amount for us to finish up, so now we no longer have to head out next weekend.

Big thanks to Rob, Tamara, Peter, Lou, Jason, Ingrid, Ashley, Mark, Tom, Martin, Logan and Karen!

We’ll be planning for another cleanup after the snow melts and it dries up, usually near the end of May.

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Sep 032020

Usually, we do highway cleanup twice a year for a full weekend, once in the spring and then again in the fall.  Unfortunately, due to covid restrictions the spring event did not happen.    We have no idea how grizzly it will be out there, so are going to run two weekends this fall to get it all done.   If we finish the first weekend, we’ll cancel the second, so please check the event prior to showing up for the second weekend.

Here is the first event, please sign up if you can help!  See you there!

Highway Cleanup

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