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Our BOOK CLUB meets once a month on a Sunday evening from 7pm until around 9pm at the Second Cup Oliver Square branch.   Check our facebook events for up to date info on our meetings.

Come join us for coffee and a chat at our next book club 7:00pm on the following dates:   

FEBRUARY 19th  – A Call To Action – Jimmy Carter
MARCH 19th – The Scarlet Letter – Nathaniel Hawthornethe-scarlet-letter-by-nathaniel-hawthorne

APRIL 23rd – The Atheist Muslim – Ali. A Rizvi



catch-22_coverpain-in-assportablethe sparrow

fighting godFlowersForAlgernonRadicalwith or without godlanguage of god

bad faithThink_t580Year of Living BiblicallyTheocratsUnorthodox0 Deborah feldman 

sex and godthe believing brain shermer1984Insidegreta


Revelations Elaine Pagels200px-Letter_to_a_Christian_NationjulianWhy I am Not A Muslim207845

51s4qewagyl-_ss500_Manual-for-Creating-Atheists-Coverthe missionary position christopher hitchensSteven Pinker book covergod-or-godless

Freethinkers Susan Jacoby FULLA Reasonable Responsenailed-coveruniverse





*Please note our BOOK LIBRARY  is only open to current paid members.
The following books are part of our SEA library and books will be available at round table events.   Otherwise you can email Karen at : if you are interested in any of these titles and arrangements can be made for you to borrow the title.

Our general rule of thumb is that you can borrow the book for one month, and you are reponsible for replacing the title if it is damaged or lost in your care.

Happy Reading!

with or without god              Year of Living Biblically                     51TnlhKys4L._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_                 The_Greatest_Show_on_Earth
With or Without God      Year Of Living Biblically          Beyond Belief                     Greatest Show
Gretta Vosper                 A.J Jacobs                                 Jenna Miscavige Hill        Dawkins
1 copy available              2 copies: 1 available                 1 copy  available                1 copy: available

174571_397758286984749_730687582_n                   God Delusion                              Manual-for-Creating-Atheists-Cover
God is Not Great                            The God Delusion                                  Manual For Creating Atheists
Christopher Hitchens                       Richard Dawkins                                  Peter Boghossian
2 copies:   Available                      2  copies:  Available                                2 copies: Available

200px-Letter_to_a_Christian_Nation                               An_Appetite_for_Wonder_-_Richard_Dawkins_-_US_book_jacket                                   inside scientology
Letter to a Christian Nation            Appetite For Wonder                           Inside Scientology
Sam Harris                                       Richard Dawkins Biography                Janet Reitman
1 copy:  Available                             1 copy: Available                                  1 copy: borrowed


These next books can be arranged to be borrowed from SEA members:

ancestors talearguably 51s4qewagyl-_ss500_Steven Pinker book cover

Bhagavad-gita-frontTheCaseForChrist_lg__66722_zoomdarwin awards Deceptions207845Blasphemy art that offends

Ellerly's protestFreethinkers Susan Jacoby FULLUntitled-5bad-faithGod or Godlesshow we believe

infidel1the missionary position christopher hitchensend of faith51TnlhKys4L._SY344_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_BO1,204,203,200_TheMoralLandscapeCover0909F_mortality_NS_20p

AYAAN-NOMAD-COVERportableA Reasonable Responsestephen gouldscrewtape lettersFeldman-UNORTHODOX-jacket2


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