Nov 042015

The John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights was the gang who invited us out to participate in their Festival of Faiths in September.  If you are interested, you can RSVP at

December 13 @ 10330 84 Avenue, Edmonton

Human Rights Awards


Sunday, December 13, 2015
Doors Open at 1:30 p.m.
Program Begins at 2:00 p.m.

This year our keynote speaker is Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish, author of I Shall Not Hate: a Gaza Doctor’s Journey and an internationally recognized human rights and inspirational peace activist devoted to advancing health and education opportunities for women and girls in the Middle East, through both his research and his charitable organization The Daughters for Life Foundation. He has dedicated his life to using health as a vehicle for peace, and, despite all odds, succeeded, aided by a great determination of spirit, strong faith, and a stalwart belief in hope and family. Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish was born and raised in Jabalia Refugee Camp in the Gaza Strip. A three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee, he is known as the “Gaza Doctor” who has dedicated his life to using health as a vehicle for peace.

Jun 142015

The Society of Edmonton Atheists are pleased to sponsor the AB Secular Conference!

ASC SEA logo
The Alberta Secular Conference will be the first event of its kind in our province, and we are dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers and skeptics while providing an educational weekend that will inspire and inform.

The theme for this first conference is ‘’None Of The Above’’, and will deal with issues faced by anyone who doesn’t fit into a religious category in Alberta.   We have some celebrated guest speakers flying in from around North America as well as local guests to speak about issues that affect us here in Alberta.

Join us for this two day conference at Red Deer College, October 17th and 18th…the event is sure to inform, inspire and entertain!

Guest speakers are listed on their website and tickets are available on eventbrite now!   Please note there is a discounted rate for members of The Society of Edmonton Atheists (you will be required to show your membership card at registration).   You can sign up to be a member of SEA on our membership tab or at any event where a board member is present.

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Apr 222015

The Alberta provincial election is on Tuesday, May 5 – get out and vote!

You may have noticed that our usual roundtable event would also be on May 5, we will be moving it to another day, so that all our SEA volunteers can get to the ballots, and our members don’t have to choose one or the other.

The SEA does not support a particular political party; we mostly want you to go and vote, and for you to make an informed choice based on what you value when you cast your ballot. To help with that, here are some resources.

  • Elections Alberta: How to make sure you’re on the List of Electors, where to find your polling station, and information about special ballots and advanced polls.
  • VoteKit: All the basics for new voters, including video tutorials in 8 languages and opportunities to practice voting before the big day.
  • Vote Compass: A questionnaire to help you determine which political party is closest to your priorities.
  • Albert Politics: Possibly the best Alberta political blog, with links to candidate webpages and other opinion pieces.
Jan 202015

Public Consultations on GSAs in Alberta Schools Happening Next Week

Good afternoon,

Safe Schools Alberta will be one of the presenters at next week’s Public Consultations on Gay Straight Alliances in Alberta Schools. The public consultations are being held by the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association in both Edmonton (starting at 4:30 PM on January 29th) and Calgary (starting at 5:30 PM on January 27th). Safe Schools Alberta is scheduled to present at the Calgary session.

These important hearings are likely to be watched by both media and politicians, and the public is welcome (RSVP required). We encourage you to consider attending.

Get full details about the Public Consultations >

RSVPs are required in order to attend. Please RSVP to:

You can also encourage your friends to join you by inviting them on Facebook:


Thank you! We hope to see you there.

Richard Einarson
Safe Schools Alberta

May 222014

There have been some changes to the way Pride is being run this year and all volunteers are required to sign a waiver/release form PRIOR to the event.   Please note if you are still unsure if you can make it but are hoping to, you CANNOT sign it on the day of the parade.   I’d rather have too many signatures than the other way around.  Please note this needs to be submitted by June 1st.

  1. Waivers must be signed by all people in your entry and submitted prior to June 1st 2014 .  This is crucially important as your parade package will be based on the number of signatures on your waiver.  If you do not return the waiver you will not be allowed to participate in the parade. A single waiver may be used for multiple signatures.    Signatures must be dated and have the signator print their name beside their signature.

You can send us a signed copy via email (scanned copy) to or to any board members you know via email or facebook.  Alternatively, we will have it available in person at LogiCON on Saturday May 24th,  brunch on Sunday 25th, at book club on the 25th, and at the David Silverman event on Wednesday 28th.   If none of these options work for you please get in touch with a board member and we’ll see what we can arrange.

Click this link to download the release form.  You are required to enter your name, signature and date on page two of this document

Waiver and Release Form

Please dress in colourful clothing, and try to avoid t-shirts with messaging on them.   We have a few hand held signs but if you plan on bringing your own please be aware that the SEA board will have final say on whether it can be included (there are much stricter rules this year and we do not want to offend or risk not being allowed to participate).

Thanks everyone, we’re looking forward to showing our support and having plenty of fun at the Edmonton Pride Parade 2014!

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May 082014

LogiCON has announced their speakers list and the schedule for the day should be available soon.

Here is the info you need to know:


LogiCON is a science conference for anyone who has an interest in knowing more about all kinds of science topics.  This year, we have moved to a single track in one big room to make sure you get to see all of our speakers.  Learn about this year’s exciting discoveries about the beginning of time, the secrets of dark matter, the weird things that happen as temeratures approach Absolute Zero and much more.

This one day event takes places on Saturday, May 24th, at MacEwan University’s CN Theatre in the 105st building.  YOu’ll learn from a series of engaging speakers as well as have a chance to ask them questions about their areas of expertise.

Everybody  has an inner nerdy streak: come indulge yours at LogiCON 2014

You can get more information at the website, and tickets @


Logicon 2014 small

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Mar 172014

We’ve had a very generous donation of a full ticket (not including banquet, sessions only) to the IMAGINE NO RELIGION conference in Kamloops this May, to be given away as a door prize at our annual general meeting!

To be entered you simply have to show up and enter the door prize draw at the meeting on Monday April 7th.   Hope to see you there!

To find out more information about the conference check out the website and speakers list at

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Mar 132014

Didn’t think there were young earth creationists here in Northern Alberta?  Well think again!

Looks like Ken Ham, along with his younger brother Steve, are doing a whistle stop tour to the Capital City in April, giving presentations at two Edmonton Churches.    Ken will be presenting at West Meadows Baptist Church on April 4-6th, and then Meadowlands Baptist Church on the 6th in the evening.   The topics he’ll be discussing are : Is Genesis Relevant in 2014? ; Genetics and the Origin of the ”Races”;  Six Days and the Authority of Scripture ; How to communicate the gospel in our secular community; and Evolution, Scoffers and the Last Days.   Hopefully he puts some of his newfound knowledge from the debate with Bill Nye into these presentations……but I suspect not.

I know that Creation Ministries were here in Spruce Grove last year and it was interesting that the two day event saw a decrease in attendance on the second day, almost as if the church congregation weren’t buying it.   What do you think will happen when Ken Ham visits though?  Is he a big enough name to fill the seats regardless?
Ken Ham in Edmonton

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Mar 112014

The  Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) at the U of A are holding a debate/discussion about the topic: “Is the concept of martyrdom justified in religion?”    This event will be taking place on March 20 in The Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex U of A, room 1-007 at 6 o’clock. There will be speakers representing the Atheist (a member of the UAAA), Christian, Sikh, and Muslim points of view.  This is a free event, but they are taking donations for the Edmonton food bank.

Uof A discussion

**This event is not affiliated or run by the Society of Edmonton Atheists but we did think it would be of interest for our members.

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