Jan 202015

Public Consultations on GSAs in Alberta Schools Happening Next Week

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Safe Schools Alberta will be one of the presenters at next week’s Public Consultations on Gay Straight Alliances in Alberta Schools. The public consultations are being held by the Rocky Mountain Civil Liberties Association in both Edmonton (starting at 4:30 PM on January 29th) and Calgary (starting at 5:30 PM on January 27th). Safe Schools Alberta is scheduled to present at the Calgary session.

These important hearings are likely to be watched by both media and politicians, and the public is welcome (RSVP required). We encourage you to consider attending.

Get full details about the Public Consultations >

RSVPs are required in order to attend. Please RSVP to: register@rmcla.ca

You can also encourage your friends to join you by inviting them on Facebook:

Edmonton: https://www.facebook.com/events/637423599700646/
Calgary: https://www.facebook.com/events/1582223628658139/

Thank you! We hope to see you there.

Richard Einarson
Safe Schools Alberta

Dec 082014

Does your school suffer from an STD (Standard Teaching of Dogma)? SEA member Kathy Dawson has put together some tips and resources for dealing with religious-based sexual education in your public school.


If you aren’t familiar with Kathy’s current human rights complaint against the Edmonton Public School District, Paula Simons from the Edmonton Journal wrote a column about the topic in July. Edmonton’s Pregnancy Care Centre is explicitly Christ-based, and an affiliate of the Canadian Association of Pregnancy Support Services, whose Core Documents can be found on their website.

Sep 302014

Did you know that September 30th is International Blasphemy Day?

Don’t confuse this event as some cheap excuse to legitimize insulting those of faith. It isn’t.  This is an event that marks and highlights the importance of Freedom of Though, Speech & Expression as a Fundamental Human Right – one that cannot be taken away under the guise of Religious Freedom or privilege.

Many countries around the World (including the West) have blasphemy laws. 13 countries punish blasphemy with death, still more with lashes, jail and fines. Those found guilty (included bloggers killed this week) number in the thousands.

In honor of today we are posting a cartoon that more than a billion people can’t – and one that would carry a death sentence for many.

Luke Fevin, Director for SEA


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Sep 212014

Looking forward to seeing you out this evening, we do still have a few tickets left so you can purchase them for cash at the door if you don’t have yours yet.   Event starts at 7:00pm sharp!

The event will be in the Mechanical Engineering Building, Room 2-1 (room 201)

mech Eng

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Sep 112014

An article appearing in the Cold Lake Sun  this week shows the President of the Islamic Society of Cold Lake being awarded a government grant of $100,000,  reporting that this money is to assist in the building of a new mosque there.    According to the goverment page regarding these grants, there is a budget of $38 million per year that goes towards projects that enhance the community.  Any groups applying must fulfill specific criteria and there is a fund-matching policy in effect (so you must have funds of your own) before being granted money via the Community Facility Enhancement Program.

Many of the first responses to this article were questions about why the government is able to fund a religious group and if this is a violation of our Charter.  It’s worth noting that Canada does not have a clear separation of church and state, our Charter only guarantees freedom OF religion.   If you’d like a more detailed explaination, check out this article explaining the differences between the US and Canada.   Ajaz Quraishi’s group were able to meet the criteria for the CFEP as they fall under the societies act, despite also being tied to a religious group.

new mosque cold lake sun

The project has been in the works for years and first hit the news in 2010 when councillors voted to allow them to purchase some land at a 90% discount, then rescinded that offer.   Eventually the society were granted 2 acres of land at market value ($130,000)  in Cold Lake and now plan to use that space to build a community center and a mosque.

Ajaz Quraishi

I spoke to Ajaz Quraishi directly to get more details and to confirm what the monies will be used for.   He has issued a public statement on his own facebook wall explaining the report was incorrect and that the money will in fact go towards a community hall, which will be open for use (presumably rentable space) by the public.  The mosque is a separate project although it will still go on the same land.   The application for the grant took about 6 months and Ajaz is hoping to have the permits in the next few months so they can start building the community hall.   He has no timeline for the mosque as of yet as the group are still raising funds for that project.

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Sep 062014

Carrier Poster



**Please note, there is limited seating, so this event may sell out prior to the night. **

Tickets will also be available in person at book club on September 7th.



sense and goodness book draw

All current members (who have purchased a membership in 2014 or are lifetime members) of the Society attending this event will also be entered into a draw for a signed copy of Dr. Carrier’s book ”Sense and Goodness without God”.  You can purchase a membership via our membership tab on the website, at any event from a board member or if you have tickets for this event, at the door upon entry.



*pictures may be taken at this event that will be published on our facebook page or website

** end time of event is subject to change.

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Apr 072014

Last night myself and another member attended the presentation at Meadowlark Baptist Church featuring Ken Ham and Dr. David Menton (Ken’s brother Steve was also there) to listen to them discuss two topics. Ken presented ‘’Evolution, scoffers and the Last Days’’, while David Menton gave us a detailed view of skin and hair and their ‘’design’’ in his talk ‘’Beauty is skin deep’’.

I’ve often wondered why young earth vs old earth was such a big deal from a theistic viewpoint, surely the key point is salvation through accepting Jesus as your saviour, so chose to play the theistic evolutionist for the night to see if I could find my answer to that. I wasn’t there to be confrontational and was worried being labelled an atheist would shut down conversation. I regret misrepresenting myself now, honesty is important to me so I should have just been upfront, but anyway, let’s move on…..

Ken Ham t-shirt

Continue reading »

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Mar 132014

Didn’t think there were young earth creationists here in Northern Alberta?  Well think again!

Looks like Ken Ham, along with his younger brother Steve, are doing a whistle stop tour to the Capital City in April, giving presentations at two Edmonton Churches.    Ken will be presenting at West Meadows Baptist Church on April 4-6th, and then Meadowlands Baptist Church on the 6th in the evening.   The topics he’ll be discussing are : Is Genesis Relevant in 2014? ; Genetics and the Origin of the ”Races”;  Six Days and the Authority of Scripture ; How to communicate the gospel in our secular community; and Evolution, Scoffers and the Last Days.   Hopefully he puts some of his newfound knowledge from the debate with Bill Nye into these presentations……but I suspect not.

I know that Creation Ministries were here in Spruce Grove last year and it was interesting that the two day event saw a decrease in attendance on the second day, almost as if the church congregation weren’t buying it.   What do you think will happen when Ken Ham visits though?  Is he a big enough name to fill the seats regardless?
Ken Ham in Edmonton

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Mar 112014

The  Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association (AMSA) at the U of A are holding a debate/discussion about the topic: “Is the concept of martyrdom justified in religion?”    This event will be taking place on March 20 in The Engineering Teaching and Learning Complex U of A, room 1-007 at 6 o’clock. There will be speakers representing the Atheist (a member of the UAAA), Christian, Sikh, and Muslim points of view.  This is a free event, but they are taking donations for the Edmonton food bank.

Uof A discussion

**This event is not affiliated or run by the Society of Edmonton Atheists but we did think it would be of interest for our members.

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Feb 212014

Sorry for the late notice on this but we wanted to let you know about the live-streamed debate going on this evening between Sean Carroll and William Lane Craig.   The debate will focus on cosmology and whether this gives any evidence for a God. I know one of WLC’s favourite arguments is this (Kalam Cosmological Argument) ”Everything that begins to exist has a cause, the universe began to exist, therefore the universe had a cause, [therefore God]”   WLC seems to think God creating the universe via the big bang is the MOST logical explaination.   Should be interesting to see someone tackle just this one argument from WLC, in all his other debates I feel there is too much other stuff thrown about and nothing is focussed in on.

If you want to watch it is streaming live tonight  at 6pm Central Time.

Let us know your thoughts after the debate in our comment section.


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