Sep 122019

Recently, the topic of The Lord’s Prayer in public schools across Alberta has come back into public media discourse, after a St. Albert school sent a letter home to parents regarding their continued practice of allowing the prayer by segregating the students into prayer and non-prayer rooms each morning.

Along with this news, there has also been a lot of discussion surrounding government budgets for school systems, after the MacKinnon Report seemed to point towards major cuts to education and healthcare systems.    This has spurred a renewed interest in topics regarding public funding of duplicate systems in our province, and discussions about ending funding to Catholic Schools, including a resurgence of my OP Ed regarding the Catholic School funding issues from December of last year.  

In both these instances, the prayer issue and funding of Catholic schools issue, the media and readers miss the nuance within the arguments.  This leads to misinterpretation of the motivations behind these concerns, and people basically writing off the issues as attacks on religion, or as anti-theist in their nature due to what is seen as atheist bias.

This is not the motivation at all and while most of us leading the charge on these issues are outspoken atheists, faith and religion aren’t really the point.    These issues could easily be swapped out for concerns regarding racism, or sexism. The concern that segregation is happening, and that one group seemingly has extra special privileges over the rest of us is what we are actually calling out, not the religion itself.

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Oct 192011

By Luke Fevin

As I slowly learn more about this crazy education system of ours in Alberta, sometimes there are moments of clarity where the fog lifts and the madness is truly self-evident. Let me try to share a moment with you.

I live in one of the best places in Canada to raise a family and in St. Albert; I pay the taxes to prove it. So what are my education options for my 3 young children in one of the wealthiest and most highly taxed communities in Canada?

My public school division is Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools (GSACRD – pronounced G-Sacred, really). The problem is not only do these schools permeate Catholicism (which is not really for me), they actually require that I sign a form saying I understand that Catholicism fully permeates all of the divisions schools teaching – and even though it is my public school division, and it is unconstitutional, I am not allowed to opt my children out of the religious indoctrination.

(Yes GSACRD, the School Act applies to you the same as all other schools. You get to do the Lords Prayer and 30 minutes religious instruction at the end of the day. You are not special and have been openly flouting the law and, as per the legislation, your failure to meet these requirements will cause your “office to be void” – or it would if Alberta’s Education Ministers weren’t either staunch Catholics or “void” in the cojones department.) Continue reading »

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This week in the news

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Oct 172011

Luke Fevin was in the news again this week discussing the Sturgeon Heights prayer issue, and standing up for his right to a secular education for his children. In case you missed the original announcement, there is a petition to stop publicly funding separate schools in Alberta, set up by Dave King (former education minister).

CTV news clip before the meeting – October 12, 2011

CBC summary of the school board meeting – October 13, 2011

Should the Lord’s prayer be heard in public school? – October 14, 2011
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Sep 282011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011, 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Change of venue. This month only, we will be in the Chariman Room at  the Westin Hotel, 10135 100th Street, just south of the Stanley A Milner Library.

This month’s roundtable discussion will feature guest speaker Luke Fevin, discussing his struggles with the Sturgeon School Division over school prayer and his efforts to see that his three children are provided with a secular education free from religion.

Round table discussion at 7:00 pm.  The meeting continues informally at Elephant and Castle afterwards at 9:00 pm

All are welcome to both events!

Facebook RSVP here