Sep 272011

By Luke Fevin
Note: You can contact Luke through the SEA Facebook group, where this was originally posted.

For those of you interested in how religion impacts our schools and the importance of Alberta adopting a secular school system, I thought that you may be interested in my family’s experience. My wife and I live in St. Albert and have 3 children, two girls now 7 & 5 and a little boy who’s 3. Three years ago in the summer of 2008 we were looking for the right school for our children. Catholic schools, you will appreciate, were not an option for us – but we found a wonderful school on the outskirts of St. Albert in the Sturgeon school district. Not too big, not too small, nice mix of urban and country families, progressive programs and new I.T. tools finding its way into the classrooms. We visited the school and given that ‘no religion’ was one of our key factors, took the time to ensure there were no prominent crosses or other symbols, no religious artwork or any other indications of institutional religion.
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Sep 252011

St. Albert:

Luke Fevin is trying to ensure that his children have a secular education. So, when he learned that Sturgeon Heights school, the public, secular school that his children are attending, has the Lord’s Prayer over the intercom every morning, he decided to speak out.

If you live in St. Albert and would like to help Luke with this issue, you can get in touch with him through the Society of Edmonton Atheists Facebook group.


This month marks the first secular classes in Morinville. Right now they’re in temporary spaces, but the fact that the classes exist at all is a demonstration of how a little organization, on the part of interested parents, has made a big change. Right now the school has 66 students – not bad for a small town where the school board said that there wasn’t enough interest.

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