Aug 012021

On August 15th we’ll be meeting in person, rather than online, for coffee night.

Second Cup Oliver Square, and we’ll be trying to get a table outside to reduce our risks. We ask that double vaccinated attend, to keep us as safe as possible.

If you are still uncomfortable meeting in person, or have not had your second vaccine dose yet, we will continue online coffee night once a month.

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Jun 202021

When coffee night was in person we used to meet every two weeks. When covid hit we came online to do coffee night and then as some of us felt a bit isolated, bumped it up to every week.

As restrictions start relaxing, and more and more of us are double vaccinated, there will come a day when we head back out and support our local coffee places. For now, we’ll be moving back to a two week schedule for coffee night, staying online for just a little bit longer, in preparation for our transition to in person again.

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Jun 122021

Tomorrow’s highway cleanup is no longer required, as we finished today. We’ll be doing it again in September, so watch for the event signup near the end of August. Thanks to all the volunteers!

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Oct 042020
We’re having issues with Jitsi this evening, so are going to jump over to zoom for coffee night. Feel free to join us, going on for another hour or so.
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Apr 282020

Trivia tonight at 8:30pm is 80’s theme!  Show off your knowledge of the decade of big hair, scrunchies and neon clothing!

You’ll also need another device or tab open to play along with the trivia at  Quiz code will be given in the jitsi chat room so we all start at the same time.

See you tonight!

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Apr 252020

Come watch the third and fourth episodes of Afterlife with us!   Here is the link:

Remember to click on the NP (netflix party) logo on your address bar after you follow the link.

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