Online Murder Mystery Summer Solstice Party

19 June 2021 @ 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

ONLINE Murder Mystery Party for our summer solstice.


Roy Bradbury invites some of his colleagues from Cambridge back to his place to socialize and one of them ends up dead! Who did it, and why?

Ronnie Snapper is a second year student who is rumoured to be in a London Gang. He’s known for lending money and then intimidates people to get it back.

Fiona McAllister, Roys’ ex girlfriend who is known for loving expensive things is also there. Her boyfriend Robert Smith came too, but is known to fly into jealous rages and has a bit of drinking problem.

Roy’s boss, professor Ted Wilson and his wife Marge are at the party, and they seem to be having marital issues. Ted is also worried about his job at Cambridge as he’s up for review.

Tim Bradlow, Roy’s coworker and fellow grad student is also there, along with Pauline Thompson. No one seems to know her though, what is she doing there and how does she know Roy?

Bring a notepad and your thinking cap as we figure out the motive behind the Business of Murder!

You will require a zoom account as we will have to share clues via the screenshare option.   Please message the page or send an email to for the zoom code for the night.

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