Nov 202019

At the last few solstice parties we’ve had too many desserts (hey, some may argue that’s okay) and not enough main entree type foods brought for our potluck.  So we thought we would try a little sign up this time around and see how that goes.

Please message the facebook page, speak to someone in person at an event, or comment on this post to sign up for food category and we’ll update this list as it gets filled up.  Once it’s completed we’ll add extra selections as required.

We generally have between 15 – 20 people who drop by to eat (more come for games afterwards) so keep that in mind when bringing food.   There are also two hot plates, and a few crock pots available, if you need your dish to stay warm.  Soft drinks are provided, as is cutlery, plates, napkins etc.   Please bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Appetizers (eg: cheese and crackers, mini-quiche, spring rolls, veggies and dip)

  1. .  Karen – garlic sausage, crackers and cheese
  2. .  Sandra – Devilled Eggs
  3. .

Salads/sides or soup

  1.  Marianne and Joe – roasted veggie salad with miso dressing
  2.  Randy – Potato and Egg salad
  3.  Martin and Tom – Caprese Salad
  4.  Harriet – tentative – sweet potato casserole

Entrees (eg: chilli, pasta bakes or casseroles,mini slider burgers)

  1. Karen – rotini pasta with tomato/veggie based sauce
  2. Tina  – sliders
  3.  Ashley – quiche
  4.  Ingrid – swedish meatballs


  1. Tamara  – black forest cake
  2. Ashley – fruit tray
  3. Margaret and Pat – cheesecake    (also bringing garlic bread to go with pasta)
  4. .
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Sep 202019

Turns out Edmonton Comic Expo is also this weekend and a whole bunch of our regular volunteers are attending that on Saturday.

We’ll cancel the Saturday event, in favour of a whole bunch of us showing up on Sunday to clean.   Please join us on Sunday, and if you need a ride, feel free to ask!

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Sep 122019

Recently, the topic of The Lord’s Prayer in public schools across Alberta has come back into public media discourse, after a St. Albert school sent a letter home to parents regarding their continued practice of allowing the prayer by segregating the students into prayer and non-prayer rooms each morning.

Along with this news, there has also been a lot of discussion surrounding government budgets for school systems, after the MacKinnon Report seemed to point towards major cuts to education and healthcare systems.    This has spurred a renewed interest in topics regarding public funding of duplicate systems in our province, and discussions about ending funding to Catholic Schools, including a resurgence of my OP Ed regarding the Catholic School funding issues from December of last year.  

In both these instances, the prayer issue and funding of Catholic schools issue, the media and readers miss the nuance within the arguments.  This leads to misinterpretation of the motivations behind these concerns, and people basically writing off the issues as attacks on religion, or as anti-theist in their nature due to what is seen as atheist bias.

This is not the motivation at all and while most of us leading the charge on these issues are outspoken atheists, faith and religion aren’t really the point.    These issues could easily be swapped out for concerns regarding racism, or sexism. The concern that segregation is happening, and that one group seemingly has extra special privileges over the rest of us is what we are actually calling out, not the religion itself.

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Aug 072019

Board member Tina put together some resources for us, in order to encourage the city, province and federal governments to ban conversion therapy.   Feel free to download these letter templates to use as is, or edit to make it feel more personal.

You can find local MP’s at this webpage:
All other MPs at:

Also, remember that Federal Government mail can be sent free of charge.

Letters for Banning Conversion Therapy 

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May 282019

Summer Solstice June 22nd, 4pm!      

This is at a private residence, so the exact address is not posted on the website or facebook page. Please message us or talk to us at one of our events in person to get the location.

Event is POT LUCK, so bring something for people to share (salads, chips/dip, crackers and cheese,veggie tray, fruit tray, pies etc) and if you are so inclined you can bring meat for yourself as a bbq will be availalbe for use.

Plates, cups, napkins, cutlery will be supplied. We’ll also have iced tea and lemonade.

Because this is a private residence, you are free to bring alcohol for yourself as well, make sure you arrange for a safe ride home if you do decide to drink.

We generally eat and then play some games afterwards, ending closer to 11pm or midnight. There is a yard, and areas where kids can play video games/watch movies to keep them occupied. Stop by whenever you can.

**PLEASE NOTE ANIMALS LIVE AT THIS HOUSE** (Three dogs and a rabbit). We can keep them isolated but if you are allergic you should take some allergy medicine prior to arrival.

This year we will be inviting all the groups we have had regular joint events with; Westwood Unitarian, Dying With Dignity, Secular Humanists of Alberta and the Secular Ethics Group in Stony Plain.

You can RSVP to the event on facebook, or by sending us a message:

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