Apr 152012

“It’s a charter situation and the charter says the provinces cannot opt out in the case of basic freedoms,” Trudeau said. “I believe my fundamental freedoms are being violated.”

That’s right, Re. J.J. Trudeau believes that her fundamental freedoms are being violated because the Chief Electoral Officer has ruled that “titles” includes “Reverend”.

the Alberta Election Act specifically states in section 83.3(d) that “no titles, degrees, prefixes or suffixes may be included with a name.”

That seems pretty unambiguous to me, but the privilege that religions think they deserve apparently extends to election ballots.
For Trudeau’s and others’ responses to our candidate questions, take a look at the 2012 Voter’s Guide.

Apr 012012

Apparently God doesn’t want me to vote NDP, but he couldn’t be bothered to tell me himself. I wasn’t around when this was dropped off, so there’s some helpful contact information included.

Members of the SEA have various opinions on abortion (and we’ve had the debates on Facebook to demonstrate it), but they all have better reasons than “God”.

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Mar 262012

Update: The election has been called for April 23.

Some time before May 31, 2012, Alberta will have a provincial election. We thought we’d get a jump on things and start our Voter’s Guide now for the Edmonton area ridings. The page will be updated as candidates reply with their responses to our questions on secular issues.

If you don’t see responses from the candidate you were hoping to, help us out! Give your candidate a call or a visit and ask if they were planning to respond. If they haven’t seen the survey, ask whether they’d like email or paper, and contact us, we’ll make sure they get one.

To see which riding you’re in, and get updates on the date of the election, take a look at the Elections Alberta website.

Happy voting!