Oct 202013

Ahy? Question Everything.You have probably seen these signs around Edmonton churches:

Kerri went to find out, and let the rest of us know, what’s going on.


The signs are presumably a reference to my favorite bible quote, 1 Thessalonians 5:21:

“Question everything, hold fast that which is good”.

I’ve always wanted to cross stitch it and hang it proudly on my wall, mostly to see the reactions of relatives who also have crossed stitched bible passages on their walls. I went to their webpage http://questioneverythingab.ca/ And the first thing I saw was this:
Alpha Course opening webpageWhat’s going on is a 7-9 week course on Christianity called the Alpha course, which has been around for years, but is having a big campaign in Alberta this fall. It’s a series of video lectures, sometimes with a weekend getaway in the middle. There are 158 Alpha courses being offered in the Edmonton area this fall. I found one at a convenient time and location for me. The website said “contact the organizers or just show up”.

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