Oct 162015

The AB Secular Conference in Red Deer is happening this weekend. You can get late tickets (no meals) for the conference on Eventbrite until noon on Friday, October 16, or you can get tickets to the Saturday evening debate until midnight on Friday.

For the schedule and other details, refer to the Conference’s website:

Aug 022012

By Jay Gamble

I would like to start by saying that I am not one to join atheist groups. I go about my atheism quietly. Recent events have forced me to be more vocal; and Mr. Luke Fevin’s recent bravery has inspired me to speak out against state-sanctioned religion in Alberta classrooms.

I am intentionally not naming the school board or the school my children attend, because I do not want my children targeted for not being Christian. I live in a very small rural community; my children attend a K-12 school with fewer than 300 students. I do not want my children to be ostracized or bullied for my beliefs (or lack of belief).

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Jun 152012

We recently received an email expressing some anger at the change to the public school system in Morinville. It probably isn’t an isolated sentiment, so we have decided to reply to it publically (names removed).

I’d like to take opportunity to congratulate your society for turning our town of Morinvilleon its back.
I’m sure you are feeling smug about your accomplishments of assisting a handful to purge God out of our school, an amazing school that my girls proudly attended years ago. Continue reading »

Jun 022012

The Sturgeon Act was proclaimed Thursday (switching Catholic Board to Separate & Sturgeon to Public in Morinville & Protestant to Public in St. Albert). Friday it was announced the Georges Vanier School will be transferred from the Catholic division to the Sturgeon Public Division. A victory for the Morinville parents in their fight for a secular education for their children.